About Us

Using Monsterideas?

We enjoy a challenge. It would appear that the name lends itself to coming up with the monster idea needed to resolve a tricky situation. Therefore you will notice that much of our work is anything but ordinary. However we aim to provide inspiring designs that are also cost effective and functional. We strive for design solutions that are resilient yet distinctive, reflecting the expectations of each client. Monsterideas enjoys the ability to offer quality service, providing a level of expertise and skill to creatively design and effectively document your next project. Please take the time to peruse the testimonials from past clients.

We like to think that Monsterideas endeavours to add value and amenity to your property. Like nature, we try to get the ‘most for the least’ and tend to find our designs are an asset to your investment by providing an individual response to site, context and your needs whilst striving to bring progressive, valuable ideas to every brief. This helps us realise an economical, efficient, practical and valued development.

Cost Benefits?

Investing in a good architect ensures a greater chance that the best possible outcome is obtained for your building. The most important component of a building is the design. A good design will…

  • respond to your needs and desires.
  • add capital value.
  • develop a quality lifestyle.
  • can produce significant long term savings.

Being an Architect?

Need more reassurance? As architects, we are members of the Board of architects of QLD (BOAQ) and Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA). An institute member is professionally qualified, legally registered and bound by a Code of Ethics. We are extensively trained to advise you on all aspects of the building process including. Therefore know that using an architect ensures that you are getting a highly qualified design professional. As architects we…

  • have a Bachelor of Architecture Degree(6 years)
  • had to become a member of BOAQ.
  • had to pass the 3-part Architectural Practice Exam
  • attend annual professional development talks and seminars
  • are dedicated to the profession